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12.3 One of my Current Design Projects: #encounter @geelong

I was spending a lot of time over my uni break coming up with new content for this blog, but now that I’m back, I find I have less time to plan/write/photograph blog posts, which was really irritating me.
Then it hit me! Ilsa, this blog was meant to be a way of documenting your creative projects, not an added stress on top of your workload! DUH!

So for the next few months while I’m back at Design School expect to see weekly posts about the progress of my work and examples of different design outcomes and ideas.

First up for my Studio class, This semester the class I chose is called #encounter @geelong and looks at the Geelong Gallery and (you guessed it) their Instagram account. Moreover, we will start to look at and develop ways/ideas of engaging an audience and their journey from Melbourne to Geelong Gallery via the V-Line train system.

For the first project brief, we had to start analysing the Instagram feeds of Geelong Gallery and another art institution (I chose the Victoria & Albert Museum). We then had to take the data collected and turn it into an informative diagram. Remember this is a design degree so a diagram has to be more than just a mind map or pie graph.

Below are the diagrams I produced. They aren’t perfect, and I have some updates I’d like to do, but this is all about sharing the whole design process, so here you go.

Ilsa Melchiori Geelong Gallery Instagram Diagram Interior Design

Ilsa Melchiori V&A Instagram Diagram Interior Design


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